Maple Class - Year 3


Welcome to Maple class 2016-17

Good Luck and Goodbye!

Here are Maple posing for one last picture as they celebrated the Teddy Bear picnic on Thursday .

The children had lots of fun bringing in their teddies in a range of different outfits.

Thank you for a wonderful year! 


Maple were lucky enough to be visited by a professional photographer today.

June Essex, an old colleague of Mr Wood's, came by to pass on her knowledge and tips.

The children have been challenged to take part in a local photographic competition.

They could win £50 in vouchers for themselves and £200 for the school.

June passed on lots of tips and also let the children have a go with her equipment.


We finished our RE topic by looking at the Jewish Festival of Hanukkah.

As a class we found our how and why the Jews celebrate this festival.

Our learning culminated with the children making their own Dreidels.

Oval Trip

On Friday (14/07/17) a large group of Year 3 and 4 children visited the Oval.

They were treated to an exhilarating twenty20 match between Surrey and Kent.

Records tumbled as Kent triumphed, while all the children enjoyed a fantastic evening.

Touch Rugby

Earlier this half term we visited Dunstablians RFC for a day of Tag Rugby.

The children behaved impeccably in incredibly hot conditions.

They competed well, learnt lots and had loads of fun.

Kwik Cricket

The Year 3 and 4's PE lessons reached their culmination this week with an inter-class tournament.

Both classes were divided into five teams and competed over a series of games.

A host of close matches ensued with some great cricket being played.


Over the course of the year the children have made superb progress to learn the recorder.

Under the direction of Mrs Felce they have developed superbly.

This culminated on Monday when they performed in front of the rest of the school. Well done Maple!


We have considered out study of the Anglo Saxons by looking at their culture and religion.

Below the children are pictured recreating scenes from the epic poem Beowulf.

Above the children are pictured searching for and recording information about Anglo Saxon culture.



The children have been working hard this week to finish their Roman shields.

Having carefully deigned them they cut the card, added handles and painted designs.

They are now evaluating their own and their partner's work.


In RE we have been learning about many different aspects of Judaism.

We have found out about their faith, where they worship and what they use.

We've looked at special celebration and here are the children who wanted to try the kippah and tallit on.


We've continued our look at Anglo Saxon Britain by studying the Picts and the Scots.

We now know that both groups lived in modern day Scotland and experienced similar lives.

However, they had a different language and culture to the invaders.

Here the children are pictured making Pictish stones, with their names engraved in ogham.


We have continued out Science topic of plants and flowers by looking more closely at flowering plants.

Here the children are pictured dissecting flowers and identifying their constituent parts.

Working in groups they explored together to find the parts we have studied.


As part of our Science topic of plants we have considered how they reproduce.

We have looked at how seeds work and even designed out own.

Here the children are pictured working in pairs, figuring out the pollination process.


This half term in History we are studying Anglo Saxon Britain.

Part of the unit focuses on Sutton Hoo and who is buried there.

Here the children are analysing and sorting a number of the find made there.

They went on to hypothesise who might be buried there.


The children had a wonderful day today (09/06/17) on our class trip to Verulamium,

Here the children consolidated their learning about Roman Britain.

We toured the museum and surrounding park, which contain many Roman remains.

Then we finished the day with an ice cream and a run around!


This half term we will be learning about the Anglo Saxons in History.

We are going to find out what happened to our country when the Romans left.

Here the children are pictured sorting items into different categories.

They are also turning detective to find out who was buried at Sutton Hoo.

Art & Design

This is the culmination of the children's work on creating paper necklaces.

Having designed them around Anglo Saxons ideas, the children worked hard to bring them into reality.

They used a range of paper craft skills to create these excellent examples.


The children continue to broaden their understanding of a range of different mathematical terms.

These children are pictured exploring parallel and perpendicular lines using train tracks.


This half term we have concentrated on our creative writing and poetry.

Our creative writing has focused on the Hedgehog, while we have also studied Traditional Poems.

Here the children are working in groups, creating actions to go alongside their poetry recitation.


We have been working scientifically this half term as we've studied plants.

Here the children are pictured helping to grow cress.

We placed then in four different locations as we considered what a fair test is.

They were placed on the windowsill, in the corridor cupboard and fridge.


This enabled us to consider the variables and the effects of light and warmth.

Art & Design

We continued to develop our paper craft skills by using them to make pictures.

Here the children have used a range of quilling skills to make coils, teardrops and marquises.

We are currently creating paper necklaces, based on the Anglo Saxons, using the same skills. 


The children have been honing their skills in a range of Mathematical topics.

They have also been learning new skills as they deepen their understanding.

Here they are pictured measuring volume and capacity.


As part of our Plants topic the children are seen here investigating roots.

They searched and found roots on the playing field and learnt they have three main functions.

They help to suck up water and nutrients, anchor the tree and help to prevent erosion.


This half term Computing has been based around the theme of chocolate!

Here the children are pictured conducting surveys about their peers' favourite chocolate bars.

Using data, recognising 'dirty data' and tables and bar charts have formed a key part of our studies.


Punctuation and grammar after core areas of the English Curriculum.

Here the children are memorising parts of the story the Hedgehog.

They have given the punctuation special physical symbols to help remember where it comes.

This was particularly helpful as the children developed their ability to use speech.

Art & Design

This half term the children will be making an Anglo Saxon-inspired paper necklace.

In order to do this they will be learning a range of paper craft techniques.

In the first two weeks the children are pictured experimenting with a range of new skills.

They applied these to create their own paper craft sculptures.


Last week (27/04/17) we were lucky enough to be visited by Tori Hainsworth of
Albion Archaeology so that we could find out what it is like to be an archaeologist.


The special afternoon session built on our history topic of Roman Britain from last half term.


The children got to handle and sort materials that are thousands of years old.


As well as classifying these they also examined specially commissioned
Roman and Anglo Saxon reproductions of finds discovered locally.


From analysing these they had to work out who made them, from what, how and what they were for.


This lesson also gave them a brief glimpse at Anglo Saxon Britain ahead of next half term.


Among the many activities in Science this half term the children have
investigated what objects are magnetic and what aren't.

Here the children are pictured experimenting with a variety of
different objects and then recording their results.

The children then had to see if there were any patterns to
their results and explain what these told us.


Fantastic Mr Fox has formed the focus of our work in English recently.

Here the children are seen practicing how to use speech in writing.

Currently the children are finishing writing their own adaptations of the tale.

Design & Technology

This half term the children have been designing and creating their own catapults.

Together we researched the history and different forms of the devices.

We also discussed how they were powered through the creation of potential energy.

The children then used a variety of resources to create their own.


As part of our topic on forces and magnets we look at naturally occurring magnets.

We also experimented to created magnets of our own.

We then floated them on water to make rudimentary compasses.


Telling the time and knowing the months are very important.

Here the children are pictured working together putting the months with
the same number of days into groups in as quick a time as possible.


As part of Maple's homework all the children made Roman shields at home.

They then brought them in to class to experience life as a Roman soldier.

After learning about how they fought and what life was like, it was their turn.

Under Centurion Mr Wood they were made to march and form a variety of battle formations.


In RE we have been looking at Christianity and why people follow Jesus Christ.

Here the children are pictured exploring questions about the parable of the Lost Sheep. 

Design & Technology

In Design & Technology this half term the children are creating Roman catapults.

Here the children are pictured researching different designs and experimenting with potential energy.


Part of our learn in Maths this half turn as been to do with degree, right angles and turning.

Here the children are pictured giving different worded instructions to their peers.

As a result the child in the middle should turn to the right animal.


This half term we have been studying forces and magnets in Science.

Here the children are pictured investigating friction.

They are looking at the impact different surfaces have on how far their car travels down a slope.

They have also started to consider what makes a 'fair test'.

World Book Day

Today Slip End Village School and Maple class celebrated World Book Day.

The children came in a wealth of wonderful and different outfit for the occasion.

Mr Wood got into the spirit too, coming as Lord Asriel from the Northern Lights.


We have been studying the effect of Tectonic Plates in Geography.

The children have learnt how the movement of these plates cause volcanoes and earthquakes.

As part of their homework the children were challenged to construct their own volcano.

Here they are also pictured erupting these using vinegar, baking soda and food dye.

Art and Design

Here the children are pictured finishing their Roman mosaic tiles.

Having designed several in their books, and made the clay tiles, now was the time to paint.

The children are pictured in action and later with the finished articles, which have gone home.


The children have continued to study rocks and their properties in Science.

Here they are pictured undertaking a rock investigation.

By observing their properties they are working out which rock is which.


Most recently in English we have been studying Greek Myths.

Among the activities, the children collectively wrote their own version of Daedalus and Icarus.

As an oral story, many versions exist, and the children drew storyboards to tell theirs from memory.

Art & Design

The children have been busy designing their own Roman mosaic tiles.

They have used topics from their own life as well as pictured inspired from the era.

Here the children are pictured making their own tiles and tesserae.

Next the children will paint their tesserae with their designs.



To start the Spring term we have been learning about rocks in Science.


We have studied how the Earth is structured and are now looking at how rocks are formed.


Above, children learned how sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous
rocks are formed through our Chocolate Rocks experiment.


Children have studied the different properties of rocks and how to identify them as a result.


We will also look at soil and fossils and find out more about the Rock Cycle.


We have continued to cover a wide range of topics in Maths in the first Spring term.

As well as lots of work on Place Vale and fractions we have looked at measurements.

The children are pictured measuring items in mm, cm and m, and weighing items in g and kg.


In RE we have been looking at a variety of religious festivals and their impact on our lives.

We have considered both religious and non-religious aspects of these festivals.

The children have also considered what festivals are important to them and why.


In PE this half term the children have been investigating counter-balance
and counter-tension as part of a gymnastics module.

This has involved them creating balances with a partner involving push and pull factors.

The children have been developing their own ideas with apparatus also being introduced.


We have been looking at how to develop our self-control in the first Spring half term.

The children have considered what frustrates them, how to manage this and why we have rules.

Maple are pictured performing raps and role plays about situations that might make them angry.


We rounded off our topic on algorithms by using the Beebots.

They programmed these robots to reach the end of a pre-set course.

This involved them giving the robot instructions in a chronological order.

Science and PE

We completed out topic on the body by considering the effects of exercise.

With the help of Mr O'Brien the children performed a warm-up, plus light and heavy exercise.

Having predicted what would happen the children recorded their pulse and breathing as a result.

We therefore considered both the short-term and long-term effects of exercise.


This half term the children have been researching, designing and making their own board games.

The children have used measuring and scoring skills to create boards that can be folded.

Many also designed and sourced counters to use in their completed projects.


Our biology focus has continued by studying both endoskeletons and exoskeletons.

We have looked at bones and her the children are pictured investigating muscles.

In these pictures they are looking at home muscles were in antagonistic pairs.



Our children are currently in the middle of their fantastic Nativity performances.


They have been working hard to learn their parts and the words for their songs.


Here is Maple class pictured in their groups before the first performance.

Chess Club

Maple has played host to 20 children as part of Chess Club this half term.

Children have come from every class across the school and have enjoyed refining their skills.

More children will be given the opportunity to take part next half term.


In our Non-Fiction module this half term we have considered writing for a range of different purposes.

As well as writing a sports report the children have also tried writing persuasive arguments.

Here the children having a debate over whether football should be banned on the playground.


Biology has formed the focus of our Science module this half term.

Here you can see the pupils looking at the food groups in a range of products.

They then had to think about their own diets and creating a healthy meal.

The children have also been looking at human biology and that of other creatures.

They can be seen here making their own giant circulatory system.


In RE this term we have been looking at religious codes for living and
also considering the motivations of inspiring people.

Here the children are pictured recreating scenes from the stories of
Muhammed, without the Prophet appearing.


In Self this half term the pupils have been aiming to improve their self-esteem.

They have taken part in range of activities, including role playing events that can inhibit self-esteem.

They also explored the importance of team work through a range of fun activities in the hall.

Armistice Day

Today (11/11/16) we have been learning the history behind Armistice Day and why it is so important.

The children in class have been writing some excellent World war I inspired poetry.

The class have also explored a shoebox of photos from the era, creating a back story for the soldier.


We have been using paper paste to create our own masks in Art.

Firstly we learned how to sketch a human face in proportion.

We then designed our masks using complementary colours to create contrast.

Our designs were based on Egyptian death masks and more contemporary ones.

We then covered out balloons using paper past to create our heads.


This half term in English we started with a non-fiction module.

The children used game shows as a way to study tense and third person.

Currently we have been working on a poetry module.

Poems have been analysed and the children have written their own using the same structure.


Continents and oceans have formed the basis of our geography studies so far.

Here the children are pictured on a fact treasure hunt.

We are not progressing into more detailed map work.


In PE the children have been developing their tag rugby skills.

With Mr O'Brien they have been looking at how to evade opponents.


This term in Science we have been looking at Light and Darkness.

We have considered what a light source is and what it does.

We have looked at how our eyes use light and alter accordingly.

Areas we are studying include reflection, mirrors, the sun, shadows and transparency.


This term in computing we have been studying computer networks.

We have looked at how computers are connected and how they communicate.

Welcome to Maple class 2015-16

Stockwood Park Athletics

Yesterday (12/07/16) Slip End Village School enjoyed a super day of athletics at Stockwood Park.

Following the walk their Maple were divided into two teams to compete in a range of activities.

Both track and field events were included with some impressive performances in all events.


In History we have been considering what life was like in Anglo Saxon times.

Today (11/07/16) we read and shortened version of Beowulf.

We considered what it told us about life and storytelling at the time.

The children then recreated scenes from the tale.

Kwik Cricket

This half term started in a competitive vein with a Kwick Cricket tournament.

Years 3 and 4 developed their battling, bowling and fielding skills last half term.

They then put them into action as part of an intra-school mixed-class competition.


This half term we have been creating Roman and Norman shields in D&T.

The children have had to research the designs and shapes of the shield.

Having collected their materials at home they have shaped and decorated them.

They have also reflected on their designs, what was good and how they could be improved.


This term we have been studying plants and seeds in Science.

We have looked at the different parts of a plant and what they do.

We have also conducted a variety of experiments to see what variables influence plant growth.

Cricket Trip

Having enjoyed Kwik Cricket in PE this term 13 of the class got to see the real thing.

A joint Year 3/4 trip enabled the children to see Surrey beat Somerset
in a T20 match at the Oval on Friday night (08/07/16).

The children relished the opportunity, which was made possible thanks to
Mr O'Brien's organisation at the backing and help of lots of parents.

Thank you!


The children produced a magnificent performance as Maple played their part
in a first-ever summer show at Slip End Village School.

Over the course of four performances, Years 3, 4 and 5 performed Shakespeare
Rocks to hundreds of staff, family, friends and other students.

They coped with a range of different challenges admirably as they
delivered a tour de force that will live long in the memory.


Maple showcased their recorder skills at a sensational concert in Dunstable last Tuesday (05/07/16).

The Inspiring Music Concert was performed in front of hundreds of people at the Grove Theatre.

Led by Mrs Felce, the children put in a fantastic performance and conducted themselves superbly.

Tag Rugby Tournament

Maple performed admirably at the Year 3 Dunstablians Tag Rugby Tournament on 22/06/16.

The children took part in a number of drills organised by Dunstablians and young leaders.

We then contributed four teams to an eight-team tournament involving two other local schools.

The children had lots of fun as our teams finished second, joint third, seventh and eighth.


This half term in History we have been studying the Anglo Saxon invasion of Great Britain.

We have looked at who the Anglo Saxons were, where they came from and where they settled.

We have also considered the impacts on the native Britons already in place.

Here the children are pictured creating their own Pictish stones use the language Ogham.


Maple enjoyed a fantastic day at Verulamium on Wednesday (08/06/16) with the help of Mrs Casson.

Aided by two wonderful parent helpers, we toured the museum, refreshing our Roman knowledge.

We then walked around St Albans, seeing the old Roman wall and Hypercaust.

The children also enjoyed ice creams and the local wildlife.


Today (27/05/16) we created Anglo Saxon rings with the help of Mrs Kemble.

The London goldsmith shared her expertise with the children as we rounded off our art topic.

The children loved the experience as they used wire to create Anglo Saxon love knots.


Today (26/05/16) Maple finished their paper jewellery necklaces.

The children have shown great imagination and skill in their creation.

They have borrowed ideas from Anglo Saxon designs to create their own pieces.

To do this they have used a variety of skills involving folding and rolling paper.


This half term in PE Maple have been developing their own creative games.

These activities have seen them work individually, in pairs and in larger groups.

They have involved developing different skills, including hitting, throwing and evasion activities.

The children have also been developing their Kwik Cricket skills.


We have been studying a range of different topics in Maths.

Compact addition is now a staple of our Maths skill set.

We have also introduced the grid method to help us with multiplication.

Currently we are studying measurement, which will include capacity and perimeter.


In science we are currently studying plants and seeds.

We have looked at the make-up of plants and studied their main features.

As a group we have identified what all living things have in common.

The acronym MRS NERG helps us.

It stands for: Movement, Respiration, Sensitivity, Nutrition, Excretion, Reproduction, Growth.

We are experimenting to see what variables have an impact on their growth.


Maple have further developed their quilling skills by making some fabulous designs.

By pressing in the ends they created maquises and teardrops.

Here are some of their creations.


We have been studying traditional poems, persuasive writing and adventure stories in English.

Our persuasive writing saw as create a number of different ads as well as writing an open letter.

Currently we are working with adventure stories.

We have been paying close attention to the use of speech and fronted adverbials.


The children have been developing their paper craft techniques in Art.

They are currently making paper necklaces inspired by the Anglo Saxons.

We will be studying the Anglo Saxons in History next half term.

Here they are making paper sculptures as using their folding, curling, quilling and fringing skills.


Our topic in Geography this half term has been earning a living.

The children here have been considering the different types of jobs people have.

They have been learning about different job sectors, the skills needed and remuneration received.

Major industries here and abroad have been considered and the factors which influence these.

Here the children are looking to match applicants with suitable jobs.

We have also considered what unemployment is, the cause, effects and the help available.


This half term we have completed out work on light and darkness.

The children experimented with how the angle of the light effects the size of shadow.


Yesterday (05/05/16) we had a special visit from Victoria Hainsworth of Albion Archaeology.

She discussed what happened when the Romans left Britain and we entered the Anglo Saxon era.

The children got to handle real Roman artifacts and group them like an archaeologist.

They also looked carefully at reproductions of major finds and worked out what they were used for.


In English this half term we have looked at a wide range of subjects.

We have studied and written accounts and looked at descriptive poems.

Most recently we have looked at the imaginary world created in Fantastic Mr Fox.

With this as a base, the children have created their own stories that require a 'fantastic' plan.


The children have been covering two topics in PE this term.

They have been practicing their fielding and striking skills for Kwik Cricket.

They have also been creating their own Roman dance, using the shields they created for history.

This half term Maple have continued with their Jewish theme in RE.
They have been exploring  different aspects of the religion in great depth.
They have a good grasp on the varying concepts of the religion and how these relate to their own lives.


Maple continue to develop and hone their understanding of spoken French.

We have covered three main areas this half term.

Simon Says has helped us to learn French names for different parts of the body.

The children should also now know the months of the year in French.

Meanwhile, they have also learned the French names for a number of different animals.

Design & Technology

As part of our Roman theme the children have been designing and building catapults in D&T.

They have considered the history of catapults, how they were used and to what effect.

They then looked at a series of different concepts before deigning and constructing their own.

The aim was to fire the furthest and as accurately as possible.


In Maths we have done a lot of work on place value this half term.

We have also started to move from expanded to compact addition, which the children have enjoyed.

A number of hands-on activities have also helped to reinforce our understanding of 3-D shapes.

We are now focusing on right-angle turns and deepening our understanding of time.


This half term in Science we have been considering the difference between light and darkness.

We have discovered that darkness exists in the absence of light and all that we see reflects light.

We have considered what reflects light best and why, and why we wear reflective clothes at night.

We understand that our eyes enable us to see and this sense enables us to move more assuredly.

Reflection and symmetry have also been considered in relation to the topic.



We have been looking at the Roman Empire and its impact on Britain in History this half term.

The children have considered what the Romans introduced and how they lived.

They have also considered the impact this had on the Celts and the role of Boudicca.

As part of their homework the children also constructed Roman shield as we looked at the army.

With them we formed our own legion and practiced how to form famous Roman battle formations.


The children produced some fabulous work in Art last term.

These are their finished Roman mosaics in all their glory.


We have been honing our place value skills this half term and introduced expanded addition.

The children have done superbly with this with many of them preferring this technique.

This will help them progress on to the more formal column additions we are familiar with.

They have also studied, weight and length, and developed a good understanding of fractions.

Here they are seen making their own Fraction Walls.



We started this term with poetry, while the children have most recently been revelling in Greek Myths.


We have looked at a wide variety of myths and read several different versions of some.


This is so the children understand that they have developed through a strong oral tradition.


Every time they were retold the language, and sometimes the plot, was also altered.


We used storyboards for the children to learn the tale of Daedalus and Icarus.


Here they are pictured retelling them to their peers in small groups.



Rocks, soil and fossils have formed the focus for our Science studies this half term.


We have been learning about how they are created and what they are made from.


We have been hands-on, examining rocks to find their features, and therefore identify what rock it is.


We also fossilised a jelly baby in chocolate rocks as we demonstrated the rock cycle. Ask you child!


Roman mosaics have formed the focus of our work in Art this half term.

We looked at a number of Roman mosaics before they made their own from pictures and drawings.

They then formalised their own designs on grid paper before creating a mosaic tile.

Most children have now painted their tiles to show their favourite concept.



Volcanoes and earthquakes has been the focus of our study in Geography this half term.


It has been closely linked to our Science topic where we have been learning about rocks.


Children have been learning about how eruptions happen and where they are likely to occur.


They have also considered the effect disasters have on neighbouring people.



Mr O'Brien has been keeping Maple extremely busy as they continue their trek to Rio.


Among the many activities the children have been involved in have been indoor athletics.


This has had many cross-curricular elements, touching on both Maths and Science.



We have been continuing to develop our recorder skills with Mrs Felce in Music this half term.


As well as playing songs, we have started to perform and compose to our classmates.


We have broadened the notes we can play and started to read musical notation.



We have been discussing the importance of setting goals in PSHE this half term.


We have looked at what are good goals to set and how we can realise them.


Often they are difficult to reach and require, dedications, commitment and effort.


Things can often get in our way and we've considered how we can overcome those obstacles.

It's Christmas - well almost


Today(15/12/15) Maple have been truly getting into the Christmas spirit.


We started our day with a carol service at St Andrews Church.


The children then sent their letters to Father Christmas that they wrote last week.



Poetry, creative writing, report writing and debate have made up
some of the elements of our English lessons this half term.


The children have produced some superb work over the
half term, showing just what they are capable of.


In the debate, pictured, they argued whether football should be banned on the
playground, which led to a number of well thought out arguments, eloquently made.


Most recently the children have been enjoying learning about folk tales from other cultures.



Ravi the Robot has helped Maple to learn all about computing this half term.


He has needed the children's help to perform a range of different activities.


As a result, the children have learned about instructions, flow charts and algorithms.


They have included simple selections and repetition in their algorithms to help Ravi.


The unit culminated in the use of Bee Bots, which needed to be
programmed with exact instruction to navigate a small course.

Design & Technology


The children have been designing and creating their own board
game in Design & Technology this half term.


First they looked at a variety of well-known games and
then tried playing some simple count-on ones.


Maple then had to design a board game that was suitable for a child eight or under.


This involved measuring accurately and scoring their boards so that they could fold.



Egyptian Dance and bat and ball skills have formed the core learning in PE this half term.


Maple were also outstanding when they were involved in a mixed PE
session with some much younger pupils at the school.



Forces and magnets has been our topic in Science during this half term.


The children have looked at a range of different forces, including
pushes, pulls, friction, gravity and magnetism.


They have really enjoyed the hands-on approach to their learning
and have engaged in a range of different practical activities.


Maple have also learnt about the history of magnetism and
some of its uses, including making their own compasses.



This term Maple have been learning how to play the recorder in Music.


Under the watchful eye of Mrs Felce, the children and Mr Wood, 
have all been learning a range of different songs.


This is a lesson the children have loved and it is hoped that they will be
able to share their new-found musical abilities with a wider audience in the future.



In history this half term we have been learning all about Ancient Egypt.


The children have explored the reasons why pyramids were built and by whom, considered the importance of the Nile and its uses and looked at mummification and a wide range of other aspects.


Maple are pictured with their adaptations of the death masks they created in Art and Design.

Children In Need


As part of Children In Need today (13/11/15) Maple have been looking at a number
of significant figures in history as part of the topic Champions of Change.


The children then discussed what things in society they would like to change.


They then worked in groups to discuss how they could make these
changes happen and presented their ideas to the rest of the class.


The Human Body


During our science lessons we have been learning about the human body.

These photos are from our cross-curricular PE lesson.

We predicted and recorded the effects of exercise on the human body.


We have also been looking at skeletons, muscles and the circulatory system.

Here the children have created their own pair of antagonistic muscles.




In computing we have been looking at how computers communicate through networks and hubs.


We have also looked at the advantage to both wired and wireless technology.


Here the children are exploring the subject through the medium of Fantastic Mr Fox.




We have explored a variety of subjects in Maths, including 2D and 3D shapes.


Here the children are exploring the various properties of 2D shapes and classifying them.




In Art we have been looking at Egyptian art ahead of our studies in History.

The children have explored their use of patterns and complementary colours.

They have then used papier mache to create their own masks over a balloon.

They are now using their knowledge of patterns and complementary colours to decorate them.



In PE the children have been taking part in tag rugby and gym.

They have been developing their evasion skills in 1-v-1 situations in tag rugby.

Summer Term 2015

  Art and Design Technology 

We have been learning about the Romans in our History Lessons.

We have learnt about mosaic flooring. We have created our own mosaic tile designs.



In our Science topic we have been looking at magnets and forces.

 We have been learning about friction and have investigated

how cars run on a variety of surfaces. 


Spring Term 2015

Religious Education

Prior to our Faith Tour in Bedford,

we researched Christianity, Islam and Sikhism.

We created a poster to show what we knew.

We then wrote questions about what we wanted to find out on our 'Faith Walk'.

World Book Day 

We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite characters.

Can you spot who we all are?


We have researched food that is grown in Central America.

We have eaten some traditional Mexican food such as tortilla, guacamole and nachos.

Design and Technology

We have continued our learning about Aztec temples.

 We have researched the shapes of the buildings and also

the patterns on them.

 We have created our own models in 3-D



We have begun our learning by researching Aztec temples.

 Then recreated them using play dough.

Autumn Term 2014


In readiness for a certain event at the end of the year, we have all written a letter explaining how good we have been, what we would like as a present (if we are really lucky) and asking questions about how things are at the North Pole. 

To support Children in Need we all dressed up as Super Heroes for the day.  

Can you spot who we all were?  


We started our science learning by drawing round someone and putting bones, muscles and organs onto our life size picture. We were really surprised when we saw a skeleton and realised what the bones really looked like. 


We have been learning all about the Ancient Egyptians this term and have really enjoyed designing and making our own Egyptian Death Masks, like that of Tutankhamen. 

It has been fun getting used to our new classroom but we have already started working hard. 

This is Year 3 Maple Class. We are really happy to be back at school. 

Summer Term 2014

We have been studying the local area.

This has included a walk around the village and a 'noise' walk around the school. 

We have created models based on the designs of things we would like to see

'out of the classroom window' on the school field. 

In numeracy we have been measuring - length, mass and volume.

We have also been reading the measurements on different scales .

Measuring volume was really exciting !! 


In Science we have been learning about what seeds need to be able to germinate and grow into healthy plants.  

We have each grown our own cress seeds.

We have also grown seeds in the dark cupboard, the cold, dark fridge and on shelves and window sills

around the school to see which seeds germinated and grew into the best plants. 

Spring Term

We have celebrated World Book Day. How many characters can you recognise? 

In our Design and Technology lessons we have designed, created and eaten a 'Healthy Lunch'. This was based on the story of the Lighthouse Keepers Lunch by Ronda and David Armitage. The children had to create a picture of the lighthouse, rocks and the sea with a boat sailing by. They also had to decide on the fruits and vegetables they would need to recreate their designs, not necessarily on 'favourite' choices. This gave the children the opportunity to try and taste new fruits and vegetables with some great results. 

In Literacy, Maple Class have always enjoyed poetry and being given the opportunity to be creative themselves. With food as a theme they have created their own poetry on a plate. The children have not only created their own descriptive poetry they have illustrated their verses as well.  



Autumn Term 2013



In History we have be learning about the Ancient Egyptians.

We have learnt about everything from Mummification to the Pyramids. 

We have created our own pyramids, decorating them with hieroglyphics.

The children have also written and deciphered codes.  


Our Science topic has been 'Teeth and Healthy Eating'. We have learnt about the different types of teeth. We have researched herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. We have learnt all about the digestive system and what happens to our food after we have eaten it. We have experimented with different liquids to see what effect they have on teeth!